Air Massage

Varying intensities of bubbles give you a completely soothing and satisfying air massage that leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
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Air Massage Therapy Benefits

An air bath provides warmth and weightlessness, relaxing muscles and making the body more responsive to the benefits of massage.  Air bath therapy if a whole-body experience.

Most air baths allow you to select from different speeds, allowing the bather to customize his or her massage from light and airy to invigorating and soothing. Air baths may even have different massage settings, such as constant bubble, wave or pulse modes. This provides a unique massage experience for the bather.

A Blanket of Bubbles
Air is pushed into the bath water through pin-sized portals, forming a blanket of bubbles that dance and swirl from head to toe, creating a gently exhilarating experience.