Premium Collection

Solid Surface

Solid Surface is a durable material that won’t chip. It is a rugged surface, resistant to heat and chemicals. Featuring an antimicrobial surface that is non-porous, our Solid Surface technology naturally resists bacteria, resulting in a surface that is easier to keep clean and sanitary.

Solid Surface Shower Base Selection

Premium Door Collection

Our Premium collection provides a superior level of protection and easy maintenance with a modern, elegant design and a striking look with thick tempered glass. The Premium collection maximizes space, opens up site lines, and allows for practically limitless possibilities in terms of size and layout. Step into a stunning oasis every time you shower!

The Ultimate Restorative Experience


Steam provides a holistic approach to wellness

In today's world, wellness is more important than ever. Give your guests the gift of relaxation and rejuvenescence with our Steam showers.

Bring wellness to your hotel experience with nature’s oldest therapy.  No matter what shower surrounds are used, a steam shower cleanses mind, body, and spirit.

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