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Moving Toward Green
Hamilton recognizes the importance of giving back to the environment. Finding alternatives for our materials, using recycled packaging, reducing our production waste... these are just some of the ways Hamilton is working to reduce stress on our planet.
Hamilton & American Bath Group

Hamilton is part of the American Bath Group family of brands and is aligned with the American Bath Group mission of Building a Better Bathware Industry. This is a culture we are dedicated to building and achieving not just for us, but for the industry we love. We are always looking to move forward and push the limits because we believe that there is always more to learn and there is always a better way. We are committed to finding that better way.


As a leading manufacturer of bathware, our mission is protecting, growing, and Building a Better Bathware Industry. We do this through Building a Better Product. Building a Better Relationship. Building a Better Experience.

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Hamilton throughout the years

Harwell was different from others in the Fiberglass Reinforced Product bathware business. He didn’t gain experience in an already functioning plant, so Hamilton Bathware didn’t build its product in the traditional fashion. Instead of using cardboard to reinforce the walls of gelcoat tubs and showers, he backed the gelcoat with layers of fiberglass and a higher content of resins than other manufacturers to make Hamilton products much stronger.


After considerable success in the factory-built home industry Harwell decided to enter the traditional-built housing segment and worked with plumbers and installers to target common issues in the industry. Their number one complaint was thin, weak nailing and tiling flanges, so Harwell engineered a very distinctive way of building the mold so that the flanges could receive more fiberglass and resin backing to add strength to the product.


In 1994 Harwell Ballard passed away, but the company he founded lives on and is now a part of the American Bath Group family of brands. The proud people of Hamilton still make the Hamilton product Harwell’s way. Rugged, strong, and dependable. Whether you are a homebuilder, contractor or distributor, we are confident you will find Hamilton Bathware a brand you can depend on.